Heroes' Redemption

The goings on in the capital. From a chef's perspective.

I do believe that things couldn’t have gone any worse than how they played out. The Mage revealed to be carrying a broken stone which allowed our enemies to know exactly where we were at all times and played it off as if that wasn’t important, the Con Artist nearly got arrested while trying to retrieve an invitation to a party we were not invited to and some clothes to make disguises for ourselves all so that we could “borrow” an ancient sword that we were told could do away with the evil that is still ravaging the known world and I was gifted with the opportunity for revenge when the Pirate King, who was nice enough to tell me that he was the cause of the death of my crew and captain, decided to make an appearance. Needless to say I wasn’t so focused on the sword. We ended up getting the sword and fleeing the city but not without almost being killed by the man that dismembered the Con Artist a while back. Now we are hiding in a barn.


Athamas willhuff058

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