Heroes' Redemption

Rynn's perspective: Session # 16

Captain’s log 16:

Lucius and Dimble have marital love dreams together about Dimble’s future. Lucius informs me about his dream and Dimble backs it up. I think we should stab him and Lucius contemplates and the sly spell-slinger talks his way out of it. BUT, I will not keep my eyes off of him for now. He then tells me about a vision of Michael. The future angel that shows Lucius and I what could happen. I’m not the only one that doesn’t believe Dimble and that’s Lucius.

After Dimble and I have a intelligence fight (which I clearly won), Dimble reveals all. Tempted by my blades…… Really!?! Even my blades want to kill him and I stop them. I should’ve just killed him. Dimble finally revealed that he’s a fire mage, can talk to Gadriel at will with spells, there are multiple versions of his useless ass, and he somehow spoke with Michael the future angel man. What ever!

We finally decide to run, since I informed the group regarding of mage hunters that have been following….. Yup! You’ve guessed it, our not so illusionist fire fuck. And what does Mr. Fire-ass do? You guessed it casts a fucking spell. Oh! What spell you ask? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with an I and ends in failure……. EVERYTIME!

So, there we are running and trying to conceal out trail, while these mage-hunters hunt us. We stumble upon an encampment where some scouts of the mage-hunters are camping. I disguise myself as an old traveler to see if I can swindle some food from them. Some “THE Hunter” fuck sees right through my amazing disguise and strips it off, pins me to the ground, and almost murders me. Thank ME for my quick thinking and ability to throw sand with my crazy proficiency with it. Lucius was there too. He got knocked out and I took all his valuables, because why leave them to rot on a dead guy AMIRITE?

After looting the soon-to-be corpse, we travel forward to the Stormbear. Which happens to be a town full of Dwarves, Tieflings, Gnomes, Elves. You name it. While there we all decided to go to the tavern. I won’t argue with that, time for money. While in the tavern I noticed that no one is playing any games or gambling. Welp! Time for me to shine then. I announce to the room about games and two Gnomes stare at me. So, never afraid to back down from a fight I stare back. I thought it was an intense game they know. UNTIL I realized they were waiting for me.

These two Gnomes were pretty perceptive of deception. I did the whole switch-aroo dice and they saw right through it. I also fucked up pretty hard on the switching, but who’s to blame? Either way they seemed pretty mad, as did the rest of the tavern. It’s not like I was trying to obtain their life savings. It was over bread ffs. AND, of all the people to come to me and inform me what I was doing was wrong, was none other than Mr. I-can’t-make-portals-but-I-can-for-evil-beings-and-not-the-guys-who’re-trying-to-save-the-world-from-mentioned-evil-beings. As if I was the bad guy. Vengeance and Retribution (my weapons) I should’ve just listened to you. AND he lost the loaded dice… WTF!!! But he did get me that loaf of bread and a some-what decent ale. I guess I’ll let it slide. After that everyone gave me my space and I ate in peace and went to bed.


Athamas Cptgrundle

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